Private AI
Offer a full suite product offerings from Federated Learning system to confidential computation system which is based on Trusted Execution Environment in chips. Unlock the data value without losing ownership or control.
Distributed Ledger
Leverage blockchain as the engine for digital transformation of enterprises and governments. Reduce collaboration costs due to lack of consensus through one-stop record keeping and traceability improvement. Improve the efficiency of information sharing and increase revenues. Support real time settlement & clearance amongst ecosystem partners.
Points Confidential Computing Framework
Points Confidential Computing Framework is a trusted computing architecture based on hardware TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) and other encryption technologies, primarily by keeping data inside TEE for the whole lifecycle from acquiring to joint computation, thus making data invisible while usable to ensure data privacy, security, and compliance.
Security and privacy
Can protect both model and data in use.
Machine Learning
Supports computationally complex machine learning and even deep learning frameworks such as xgboost, scikit-learn and tensorflow with enterprise-grade performance and little or no source code modifications.
Flexible and streamlined deployment
Provides programmable interfaces, support for mainstream databases and services, and public and private cloud deployment
Can be used with blockchain and smart contract to help companies compliant with regulations through permissioned auditing and access control tools, controlled transparency, and traceable and tamper-proof ledger
Points Federated Learning Platform
Points Federated Learning Platform is a secure computation framework based on machine learning, deep learning and cryptography. Data stays within data owners, and is trained locally via model distribution from the central server, aka federation server. This enables minimum information exchange between local server and federation server for model updates, ensuring secure computation among data owners.
Security enhancement
Data stays with data owners, and crypto technology ensures security during information exchange. No participants are able to recover data owned by other participants.
One-click model training
We provide autoML functionality and support various ML/AI model structures for FL training. Users learn how to use it easily.
Visualization tools
Users are fully aware of training states and performance via visualization tools.
Fast deployment
We support multiple data interface and fast private-cloud deployment.
Diverse application
Diverse application: we support diverse applications including horizontal and vertical federated learning needs.
Blockchain Products
Provide blockchain solutions for financial industry, and public sector. Improve data-sharing, optimize operational flow and build trusted systems.
Data collaboration management
Use DLT to keep track of data usage process and provide traceable and auditable data usage process. Turn data assets into productivity factors.
Settlement & clearance for value consortium
Create digital and smart assets to improve the asset turnover efficiency within consortium. Incubate consortium blockchain and related business opportunities.
Trusted record keeping and document synchronization
Use DLT to manage the documentations, proofs and agreements within consortium. Improve information sync-up efficiency. Drive the speed of goods & money by speeding up the information synchronization process.